Detox Water For Skin: 10 Best Ingredients For Glowing Skin


What exactly is Detox Water Detox water is a fluid in which plain water is flavored with fruits, vegetable, herbs or spices. In this water, the added material infuses their natural nutrients directly into the water without crushing or blending. The word DETOX indicated detoxification. This means that the water […]

Everything About Trichotillomania: Hair Regrowth Tips


Know Everything about trichotillomania Trichotillomania, also known as Trich or hair-pulling disorder, is a mental condition with which a person cannot resist an urge of pulling out hair from his/her scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes or other areas of his/her body, despite trying to stop. They may pull out their hair when […]

Benefits Of Yoga In The Morning: Scientifically Proved Benefits

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Yoga is a super combination of mental, physical, and spiritual disciplines. Yoga assumes different degrees of importance in different schools of thought. In Hinduism, it is a way of life. And, denotes various principles, such as, physical exercises, spiritual quest, improvement of breathing, body hygiene, lifestyle etc. Conversely, in the […]

Perfect Long Lasting Makeup Base Idea For Summer

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Makeup routine and even products get changed with the change of season.  Summer is, especially, a nightmare for ladies. The reason is that excessive sweating turns your overworked makeup base into a patchy and uneven face mask. Here is a scheme for your perfect long lasting makeup base. Step 1: […]


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What is Stretch Mark: Stretch mark, also called striae, is a type is scar. It may appear on the body of both man and woman. Stretch mark appears when your body structure is changed abruptly. According to American dermatologists, pregnancy and puberty are the two main stages in one’s life, […]

Beauty Hack For Glowing Skin: A 4-Steps Idea

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Facial skin is the first impression of your being a maintained person. Once summer arrives, skincare becomes a hot potato for every woman around.  The main problems, women get to face in summer, include, extra oily skin and dirt aggregation in skin pores. In addition, the dead cells aggregate into […]


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Every year when summer arrives, dissecting and assembling colors become very common among the ladies out there; to get a perfect summer look. For this purpose, they embark upon scrolling around the internet, but they literally fail to take decisive steps and update their wardrobes, accordingly, with the trends. Seeing […]

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